Woolworths Apps

Multi Carrier Tracker

I worked as a Senior User Interface designer in 2 teams inside WooliesX, both taking care of different areas of the fulfilment process of all of our online orders. In this team, we took care of how the orders were managed at the back-end dashboard of the Woolworths employees.

The Multi Carrier Tracker was an existing rudimentary tool that we leveraged from UX and UI standpoints. It is used to track the delivery of our orders in trucks, third-party delivery systems like Uber and also to track when an order is dispatched to the customer, either in hand or through the direct-to-boot service.

We took a data-driven approach to creative development, including eye-tracking technology for user testing. I was Producing UI concepts, mock-ups, prototypes, test variants and final designs while methodically documenting the creation and maintenance of the Design Systems.

Pick Up App

The second team I worked with inside WooliesX was the one taking care of the Pick Up orders and Direct-to-Boot (customers or third app drivers) orders. This is the app that the workers at the supermarket now use to gather the items and put them in their bags for delivery.

The process might look simple, but many considerations have to be taken; the age of the person picking it up, the restricted items like tobacco o alcohol, and if the products are hot, chilled or frozen, which need to be collected inside a time window.

I translated sketches and wireframes into high-fidelity visual designs with appropriate execution of brand colours, typography, iconography and relevant style guide specs. Then, we customer-tested the designs before the development to validate our solution using online and in-person user interviews. I followed WCAG 2.0 AA web standards and worked closely with QA and test teams to ensure design acceptance is well understood and considered.