Psychometric Recruiting Platform



  • Lead Designer
  • Branding development
  • User Interface
  • Game design
  • Web design
  • Illustration art

This is a platform built from scratch. Early sketches were made and tested in order to generate a clickable Adobe XD prototype. After a minimal feature evaluation, it was sent to development and put in front of users to gather additional feedback. After the MVP, we developed a beta version and was included in an accelerator program to scale it to market.

Branding development

Early concepts

As Lynda or KFC, the logo would be used as a character. Initially, we started with the illustration of a retro-modern lady, but later on, we decided to desexualise the image and embed a technological flair to it.

Final logotype

The illustration that most resonated with users was this helper robot with the shape of a T, from the name of the brand.

Helper animations

The robot helper will take the user through the platform and will give further information if the help button is clicked. The animation was achieved in Adobe XD.


I used Adobe XD as the main software to generate a clickable prototype for early-stage feedback. Then, it was used to communicate the guidelines of motion design to the developers.

Live website

Follow the link to explore the current website. Find below one of the final versions, designed with WordPress and Elementor. Further illustrations were created following the branding guidelines.